Daylight and Sunlight assessments are increasingly required by Planning Authorities to ensure that a proposed development doesn't adversely impact on its neighbours and also that the accommodation proposed will have enough light.

The Local Authority will usually refer to the BRE guidance (Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight) which gives recommendations on the level of reduction in daylight and sunlight that can be deemed acceptable.

T16 Design have produced many hundreds of such reports and helped numerous developers achieve permission on contentious developments. We can also work for the "affected party" where a proposal is likely to cause adverse impact.

Our method is to model the site in 3D and using complex simulation software, calculate the losses (or gains) in light levels. If all is OK, we will produce our report on that basis. If an issue is discovered, we can offer advice on alternative approaches or where to cut back the scheme to achieve "compliance".

In addition, we can provide "compliant zone" models to help designers and developers establish the likely massing achievable on a site.

Aside from the planning system, Right to Light often arises as a concern. T16 Design can offer an initial Right to Light "Risk Assessment" service, to identify areas of concern at an early stage, and advise on the next steps. We partner with an excellent surveying team who can take a Right to Light project as far as necessary with you.

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