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Many Local Authorities will now require the submission of an Energy Statement and often a Sustainability Report alongside your planning application.

Each Authority might have different requirements, some local only to them, some influenced by the London Plan requirements, and others, a mixture of the two.

Generally this will ask for a percentage improvement in carbon emissions over the Building Regulations minimum. Sometime it will also require a certain proportion to come from renewable technology. Establishing this requires SAP calculations, which are best done at an early stage. T16 Design always includes for these (and/or SbEM if there is a commercial element) in our costs for an Energy Statement.


The good news is that these preliminary calculations can be carried forward to the detailed design stage for Building Regulations compliance. The even better news is that T16 Design don't charge twice - employ us for the Energy Statement and you will effectively get your Building Control SAPs for free! 

Sustainability Reports take a more overarching view of the general design features of the scheme (such as rainwater harvesting, low impact materials use, sustainable transport options etc.). We can provide both types of report, either combined or as standalone documents. We can also undertake Water Usage calculations for planning and Building Regulations Part G.

If you're confused by the requirements and all the jargon, get in touch and let us take it on.

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