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SAP Calculations (Standard Assessment Procedure) are the Government approved method of showing compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations. L1A is for new-build dwellings and L1B for refurbishments and conversions.

The EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is the end result of this process, which shows the overall level achieved along with recommendations for where improvements could be made.

The calculation considers the building fabric, services and and renewable technology proposed, to make a prediction of the energy performance and Carbon emissions of the proposed dwelling (or refurbishment/conversion).

They are usually undertaken both at the design stage and post-construction, usually with minimal changes between the two.

It is important to ensure the proposed design and specification meets Building Regulations from the outset and so early involvement of the SAP assessor is crucial to avoid problems further into the build. It is no longer something that can be left as an afterthought.

T16 Design have assessed thousands of dwellings over the years and can offer a no-nonsense and pragmatic approach. In most cases, our early involvement will help to save you money, time and hassle.

We will work to your deadlines where we can and offer a very fast turnaround for urgent projects. Get in touch now to discuss your next project.

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