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Indeed we do. T16 Design can integrate our knowledge of Architecture, energy, daylight and planning to help smooth the way through your building project.

With a unified service, there are significant savings to be had in both time and cost, with fewer consultants to employ and less waiting for others to complete their part.

Our primary focus with the design service we offer is small to medium scale and predominantly with the residential sector. Our expertise in several disciplines means the design process will consider daylight and energy as integral parts of the building, not an afterthought.

Director, Ollie, designed and assessed the UK's first affordable Zero Carbon housing development (certified to Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6) 

We use CAD software for 2D drawing work for speed and accuracy. We also work in 3D which allows a real understanding of the spaces created, and so the team, client and planners can easily see what is proposed.

We are also happy to accept commissions for 3D work from other designers drawings, should that be useful.

Please get in contact to discuss your project. Our initial consultation and discussions are free.

Architecture Model Sketching
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