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The Building Regulations (Part G) stipulates that newly-created dwellings must have a predicted water usage of no more than 125 litres per person, per day.

A calculation tool is used to assess this, taking into consideration the flow rates of taps and showers, the capacities of WCs and baths, and the usage rates of white goods, water softeners and waste-disposal units (where supplied). 


Early involvement of a consultant who can undertake these calculations is crucial to ensure compliance with Part G is achieved as efficiently as possible and avoid the need for costly replacements or changes at the end of the build.

We have undertaken many hundreds of water efficiency calculations for both Part G and the Code for Sustainable Homes, saving our clients money and hassle along the way.

Although the calculations can be completed at the Post-Construction stage alone, it is usually beneficial to have them undertaken at Design Stage. T16 Design does not charge extra for running the calculations at both stages (provided any changes are minimal between the two).

Why take the risk? Leave it to the experts and we will ensure that meeting your Building Regulations responsibilities is pain-free and economical. As well as providing the calculations, we always include any advice you might need along the way

Get in touch today to find out our great rates for Part G calculations and how we can tie it in with the rest of our services.

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